Monyet Laut / Sea Monkeys

Hai adik-adik. Kali ini Kak Anna nak memperkenalkan kepada adik-adik, haiwan peliharaan terbaru akak. Namanya Sea Monkeys! Haaa? Monyet Laut? Apa nyah? Okay, okay.. meh sini akak tiru dan tampal.
Sea-Monkeys® are a unique type of brine shrimp, known by the scientific name of Artemia NYOS. We not only unlocked the most elusive secrets of their life cycle, we created new formulas to keep them alive under conditions found in the average home - an accomplishment never before achieved! Finally, after years of cross-breeding, we developed a hybrid. These amazing new hybrids grow larger and live longer than any "natural" variety of brine shrimp. 
I've actually had Sea Monkeys a couple of times throughout my life. And thought that it would be interesting to have them again and share them with Luqman. Kinda like his first pet. Katanya, these guys can live up to two years. Well, mine never really lasted that long, so let's just see how long these ones will last.

This is the set we bought:

Got this one for RM95 at the toy department at AEON, Midvalley Megamall. You can actually find different sets at Toys R Us. But we don't have too many options in Malaysia. The cheaper option costs about RM35 which only includes the sachets without the aquarium, so you just use your own container.

These guys, are actually living creatures. Instant pets. They come as eggs in powder form, all you have to do is add water. So how do they survive in those packets? This is what makes them amazing. They go through something called Cryptobiosis. So their eggs can survive even in dry conditions. Very alienish. Cool huh?

Here's a photo of the aquarium filled with water, here I already added the water purifier and the eggs. Sepatutnya tunggu 24 jam, tapi sebab tak sabar punya pasal, right after the water purifier I terus added the eggs. I used uh, osmosis drinking water instead of tap water.

Anyhoots, I was rather doubtful that they would hatch, but surprise surprise 3 days later I see these guys swimming about. It's been about 11 days. Last night managed to capture a photo of one of them using my phone.

Tak nampak macam monyet pon. They are named Sea Monkeys because of their long tail like a monkey. Hehe. Think it'd be creepy if these fellas looked like actual monkeys though. Here's a better photo courtesy of le internet.

And I did capture a video as well, using my phone. The quality is rather crappy:

Edited using Magisto for Android. So there you can see 'em swimming around. There's more than 15 of these guys. Now, here's a better quality video and a close up of them by someone else. Not the prettiest of pets though. But still veghy integhesting. 

So any of you had Sea Monkeys before? Pada pendapat saya, korang kena ada menatang ni sekali dalam seumur hidup. Cepat pi Toys R Us. Ingat Maggi je ke boleh instant? Menatang pon boleh juganya pun. If you do happen to get these, selamat bergembira dan mungkin kita boleh buat Persatuan Pemilik Sea Monkeys Malaysia. Jyeah. 



Kunci kejayaan

Assalamualaikum! Okay, so I have been following a number of uh, 'Islamic' tweeters as of late. Best follow depa ni, sebab tweet mereka dapat memberi kesedaran bagi diri yang lalai ni. Definitely a great reminder. And earlier today I came across this video posted by @AkhiTweet which I find to be very motivating and inspiring. Dan dengan itu rasa patut dikongsi bersama korang semua. 

This brother starts off with "Who do you go to when you need something?" 

Antara intipati video yang bertajuk 'A Key to Success' ni adalah 'to put your trust in Allah', dan percaya semua yang berlaku adalah atas kehendak Allah. Contohnya, duk tengah taip ni, korang yang duk baca ni, semua berlaku dengan izin Allah. Dan apa yang kita nak, hanya Allah yang mempunyai kuasa untuk memberikannya atau tidak.

Nak tambah sikit, walaubagaimanapun.. Allah itu Maha Adil, he gives us free will, untuk buat pilihan, and if we choose to do so and so, so and so will happen. Jangan salah paham pulak. Sebab ada jenis manusia yang gemar pusing-pusing, dan cakap "If God was good/kind/great/powerful, why would he allow people being killed, rape, war, etc..???" Dan itu juga kelebihan manusia, diberi akal untuk berfikir dan membuat pilihan. Dan setiap pilihan ada lah consequences dia. 

Suka point brother ni di mana dia menasihati agar kita sentiasa berdoa. Dan doa itu, sentiasa akan didengar dan dijawab, cuma bila, bagaimana tu tak tentu. Dan Allah ni memang suka sangat orang yang berdoa. Ada dia sebut, mungkin doa kita tak termakbul sekarang, sebab Allah nak ganti dengan perkara yang lebih baik,  yelah hanya Allah yang tahu apa yang terbaik untuk kita kan.. atau mungkin doa kita tu tak dimakbulkan sekarang, sebab Allah nak bagi di akhirat kelak. Very the amazing one.

So alright, enjoy the video. And do share this with your friends as well!

Psstt.. sorry bahasa kelam-kabut. Dah lama tak berblog macam nilah jadinya. 



Masuk percuma ke Fitness First!!

In conjunction with International Fitness Week, Fitness First is open to all from Monday 11 March - Sunday 17 March 2013. You can select any Fitness First club you want for your convenience, which are listed below.
  1. Mont Kiara
  2. Avenue K
  3. Cheras Leisure Mall
  4. Empire Subang
  5. IOI Mall
  6. Klang Bukit Tinggi
  7. Menara Axis
  8. Menara Manulife
  9. Menara MBF
  10. Menara Summit
  11. Paradigm Mall (my usual gym)
  12. Setia City Mall
  13. The Curve
Kalau ada yang teringin nak jadi workout gym buddy saya minggu ni, bolehlah pilih Paradigm Mall. So macam mana nak join ni? Haruslah DOWNLOAD GUEST PASS. Seriously rugi kalau uols tak join. At least try sekali je. Yelah, mesti ada yang terhengen kan? So this is the best time for you to try it out!!

So besides having a free entry to the gym, Fitness First has set up some great activities as well:

Monday 11 March - Assessment Day
Start the week by measuring your fitness level. Our certified and experienced Personal Trainers will be there to answer your queries that you have about your result.
Tuesday 12 March - FreestyleTM Training
FreestyleTM training is the new buzzword in the fitness industry. Try our new FreestyleTMprogramme today, be it X-BlastTM (available at Menara MBF and Paradigm Mall), Muaythai, Suspension Cables or ViPR, to enhance your strength and stability.
Wednesday 13 March - Let’s Dance
Let your hair down and dance your way to better health and fitness. Calorie burning with your friends is the way to go, so round up your buddies and join into our variety of dance classes such as Bokwa®, BODYJAM® and ZUMBA®.
Thursday 14 March - The Fitness First Experience
Experience the Fitness First difference with our Exclusive Group Exercise Programme. With different programmes cater for all, you can stretch and bend with our Flow Yoga classes, burn calories with Easy Step and Easy Moves or define your abs with our Hardcore class. 
Friday 15 March - Fitness Challenge
How fast can you run or cycle? Time to take up the test and try our fitness challenge today.
Saturday 16 March - Open Day
Training with a friend can increase motivation and makes exercise more fun and achievable. Take part in our Fitness Fix workout or a free Group Exercise class.
Sunday 17 March - Rest & Relaxation Day
If you don’t build rest days into your fitness routine, you won’t benefit from the exercise. So, take your time out today and calm yourself with gentle exercises.

So tunggu apa lagi ohoii? Pi download guest pass tu copek. Yang mana nak pi Fitness First Paradigm Mall tu, khabaq mai, mana tau leh workout sesamew. 



Jom tengok Skuad Pasar Malam

Chef Sufiz & Nas-T berbincang tentang kehebatan budu dan belacan.
Assalamualaikum. Hah lega dah habis exam untuk sem ni. Huh, walaupun ada sedikit kecundang tapi saya berjaya menharunginya. Dan sekarang dah mula cuti, dan saya mulakan dengan entri kali ini tentang Skuad Pasar Malam. Esok saksikan episode ke 10 Skuad Pasar Malam di Pasar Malam Setia Alam yang mana saya sempat menyelit. Ngee.

Ni video promonya. Hah, saksikannya esok di TV9, 9 Mac, Sabtu, 8:30 malam.

Ada banyak lagi gambar Anna shoot behind the scenes di blog lagi satu sueannajoe.blogspot.com. Okie, jangan lupa untuk menonton yaa? Baaai. 

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