Tidaak. Saya pon ada Keek.


Tak berapa lama dahulu, saya sering melihat di Instagram feed saya, screenshot applikasi Keek oleh beberapa Instagrammer yang saya ikuti. Kemudian, saya sering melihat tweet tentangnya juga. Lalu saya tertanya-tanya, apa menatangnya Keek ni di Twitter. Saya kemudian mendapat beberapa respon terhadap soalan itu. Ramai yang mengatakan, ia seperti Twitter, tapi ini versi video. Oh gitu, kata saya di dalam hati.

Lalu terdetik di hati saya, kerana saya seroang penggiat media sosial yang agak kental, haruskah saya membuat Keek juga? Kemudian terdetik impian lama saya untuk menjadi vlogger yang tidak menjadi dan rasa kurang berbakat di arena tersebut. Tapi, kini, dengan adanya Keek impian saya dan ramai lagi vloggers wannabe telah pon tercapai. Terima kasih Keek!

Kenapa rasa macam boleh pulak berKeek? Well, because it's super simple to take a video, and post it immediately, and it's short. At first, I was like, pergh biar betis 36saat je nak post video. It took me a while to get used to that very short time frame. And now, I am addicted to it. I can post multiple Keeks in a day. Kinda of reminds me how I was able to post multiple blog entries in a day.

So besides my vlogging fantasies, why Keek? For me, I Keek so I can train myself to speak more fluently, improve my public communication skills. Since I do give talks and workshops, this is important for me. I am able to hear and see how I talk. I can study myself, because at times I tend to repeat certain words a little too much, or I swing my hands in the air which can become a distraction. I can learn how to control my eye movements, to focus and not look away when I talk. So to me, it's really a great tool for me to learn and improve on my speaking skills.

Also, it helps me to think spontaneously, to be able to arrange words and get my point out within such a short time frame. Because I realise that I like to go off topic, so by Keeking, I know that I should keep it simple and straight to the point.

On a lighter note, I Keek when I'm bored. Or have something to share. I Keek with Luqman as well. Sharing bits and pieces of my life. And of course stalking other peoples Keek. So do you Keek?

My Keek username as usual is : sueannajoe

Here are some of my Keeks. This one below is my first one.

This is one of the Keeks with Luqman.

This one nyanyi sambil main keyboard lagu ciptaan sendiri. Haha.

Keeking about Keeking. Lame.

Do subscribe to my Keeks!! Okay. Buboi. 

Psst: Updated my fashion blog "Don't be a victim of fashion!"

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