I'll be going LIVE on GUA Star Chat tonight!

 DJ Linora Low and DJ Anna Banana at Red FM yesterday!
Hey ya'alls. Did you get a chance to listen to my session yesterday around 1pm? Hehe. Had so much fun at the studio. Linora Low was ahmazing, she made me feel at ease. I'd really love to be a radio DJ one day! Why? Sebab gi pakai bedak sejuk kat muka ngan baju kaftan pon boleh. Kalau TV host kena comey sokmo. Lol. 

Anyhooo, tonight at 9pm you can catch me LIVE on web cam at GUA Star Chat. There you can ask me questions  related to photography or blogging, and I'll try my best answering them! Insya'Allah. Nervous woiiii. Tak tau baju apa nak pakai ni. Hmm. 

Okay korangs. See me tonight! Aha! 

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