Y u no like me maaa?

I have had my fine shares of haters. Haters make me really sad. Funny (or maybe not so funny) thing is that, even the number of haters is really tiny, it's these group of people that tend to have the greatest impact. I care too much what people say. And I don't like when people don't like me, because personally I find it hard not to not like a person.

Yes, some people, including myself can be annoying at times, but that's normal, nobody is perfect, everyone is flawed. Only way to deal, is try to understand, and just let it be and to get that you can't satisfy everyone. It's impossible. 

Thing about being online is, how easy it is to be a target of hate or criticism. Terlalu mudah untuk kita judge orang tu. Which I think we tend to do conscious or unconsciously. Itu memang kebiasaan. 

However that should not be the license for us to judge people online, or even offline for that matter. Unless you really get to know them, spend time with them, talk with them. But it takes time, so, most people don't have that time, so ambik jalan pintas, dan terus buat andaian. Especially on the internet. Because online or offline people will be a tad different or you just don't get to see that other side of the person. Ada sesetengah sangat berbeza karakter online dia ngan bila jumpa kat luar. Ada sesetengah lebih kurang, but it's never really 100% as what you see. 

Kalau dah face to face pon, jarang orang betul-betul nak tunjuk karakter sebenar sampai dah rasa selesa atau ngam. So it's really unfair for us to judge anyone. Diri kita sendiri pon banyak tak betul, lagi mau kita nak nilai orang lain. How would you feel when you know others judge you in a negative perspective without even trying to understand or kaji selidik dulu? Tau-tau dah kena mengata, kutuk, etc.. dalam hati duk tertanya "Haaa, aku buat salah apa? Waaaaaa.." Sadis. 

Sometimes hatred can come from jealousy whether the person admits it or not. Tengok orang lebih dari dia, or dapat attention lebih, etc... Some make themselves feel better by seeing the flaws of others and putting them down. Ada pulak yang saja suka untuk tidak suka. Then there are those people yang memang patut di benci seperti pembunuh, perogol, but of course tu dah kategori yang berbezalah kan. 

I remember seeing this one person on TV, at that time I felt that person was extremely annoying, macam eeee tak suka tengok, but years after I met this person in real life, and was like malu dan sedih dengan diri sendiri sebab orangnya sangatlah baik dan friendly dan all the good thingslah. Macam whoar.. memang tak patut kita judge orang langsung. For those who do, shame on you! Myself included.

Unless orang tu ada buat tinja dengan lu, okay pahamlakan. But again, if you are a nice person, maybe you can stop and ponder, and try to find out why? Perhaps kita sendiri ada buat silap.. just maybe. A slight misunderstanding ke.. Because I strongly believe, that conflicts can be resolved, but the problem is when ego gets in the way. Kita rasa dia salah, dia rasa kita salah, dua-dua nak tunggu siapa mintak maaf dulu, kalau macam tu sampai bila tak sudah. 

I've mentioned this before, sometimes kritikan/kutukan orang tu tentang diri kita, mungkin ada betulnya. But again our ego, or maybe because of the way orang tu sampaikan, kita jadi tanak dengar, marah, sakit hati etc.. We should try our best to turn the negative into positive. Problem is, it's very hard to do, because dealing with these kind of negativity can either make you or break you. Usually it breaks you at first, but insya'Allah, if you deal with it strategically, more with your head and not your emotions, you'll come out better and stronger.

Again, it's easier said than done. Jalan mudah, kita abaikan saja, just ignore the negativity and focus on the positive ones. Tapi satu yang sudah pasti akan menjanjikan hati yang tenang dan bahagia, adalah bila kita berikhtiar untuk memuaskan hati Allah. Yang tu confirm kita tak akan kecewa. 

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