To vlog or not to vlog?

This girl is crazy. I think 'Maria Elena' can be the new synonym of 'viral'. So, I went on Twitter, and usually don't bother to see what's the trending topic, but I caught a glimpse with the corner of my eye, a name extremely familiar, and I was like, whaaaaaa, sebagai seorang fomfuan kepochee, had to check it out and see what's it all about. Then ouhh, apparently Maria appeared in Cinta V-Log on TV9.

As I'm writing this, she has 129,802 fans on facebook, and growing fast, 33,497 followers on twitter, 30,291 followers on her blog! Phwoar. As I mentioned in my previous post, I really do admire this girl. I had the privilege to do a one off vlog session with her in projek youtube tidak menjadi, We Say Well which some of you might have had the chance to watch.

So if you don't already know, Maria Elena will be one of em speakers at the Nuffnang Blogopolis 2012, including myself and a bunch of other super bloggers. I seriously recommend you peeps to sign up! We'll be sharing a bunch of tips, experience, etc that can make your blogging experience worthwhile, and who knows you can be the next Maria Elena!

Personally, vlogging is not easy. I've tried, and failed. It's difficult to act yourself and be natural in front of the camera. Having to meet her personally a couple of times, what you see on cam is how she is in real life, she's not faking it for the sake of being in front of the camera. Really hoping that I'd have a chance to pop in during her session during the Blogopolis and get some good tips so I can start vlogging again.

Again? As pointed out I've vlogged a couple of times before, but they were really lame. My first vlog was for my followers back when I was active on deviantART.  That was in July 7, 2006!! Almost 5 years ago!!

Here's a screenshot. It's still on my youtube channel, but I've set it to private. You can click to enlarge to see the date. Haha. And another one I did for my photography blog, talking about the cameras I use. That was when I started using the blue hair. 

October 7, 2007. Hahaha, then I did a few more, khas tuk bududanbelacan, also the Battle Joget Duduk, one I did with le hubby. But all of that dah terkubur, dan hanya untuk private viewing saja. I even ada buat tutorial cara pakai pashmina, back in August 19, 2010

Haha. dah macam nak ajar berdansa. But then, because I am my own worst critic. rasa macam wehh gila tak best, I took all of them down. Rasa malu dengan diri sendiri, and comparing my vlogs with other peeps, I felt that it was extremely lame, lack of direction, preparation, boring, etc.. Also sebab gigi gua agak berterabur, so bila nak cakap tu kena cover. So all of this really put me off from making more vlogs. 

I really want to, but I don't know if I have what it takes to do a vlog. How about you? Ada buat vlog? Pernah cuba buat, tapi tak upload pon sebab rasa malu / tak best / tak konfiden? I think another reason why rasa takut nak get into the whole vlogging scene is the comments and criticism yang mencabar jiwa dan raga.  

I find it extremely hard to ignore such harsh comments. Another reason why I think a lot of people, myself included admire Maria Elena for being able to cope with such people. I'm pretty sure she has had some rough times, but in the end it seems that she manages to pull through. Don't know if I'm strong enough for that. I have a low self-esteem. So sekali kena kutuk, dushummmmm.  Don't really have the balls to go there. Heh. But you never know, if I'll grow them big enough to start vlogging again. 

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