Switchblade™ KL: Art of Speed x Kustom Kulture x Hot Rod Show


Earlier today I went to Publika to check this event out, Hot Rod Show & Kustom Kulture. I only knew about this through my brother when he was asking me if I still have my lowrider bicycle, then he started showing me pictures of this event. And I was like phwoaarrr harus pergi ini. I used to go to Vespa jamborees and convoy around KL. I miss those days! I love wheels, but to be honest not like a die hard crazy fan, cause I sure don't know much about them in detail, but I know how to appreciate a good looking one.

So here are photos from the event. All taken with a Samsung WB150F. Edited in Adobe Photoshop. For those who are into customized, pimped up metals, bikes, cars, classics, this one's for you! Enjoy. {ANNA}
Customized lowrider bikes.
I have a lowrider myself, tapi tak pimp. 
Brought Luqman. 
Le classic flames on a Volkswagen not beetle.. err not sure what model this is?
I love cars just like how I love fish.
Problem is, I never really do know what's the name. 
This! It's wide and sexahh.
Drool away.
Red hot Ford Mustang.
Now let's make way for the Harley Davidson.
Chevy Impala
Reminds me of my ex boyfriend Din's car.
Alah nama adik dia Samsul. 
Okay, dah nak balik dah. Vrooom.
I'm definitely coming back next year!
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