Silent reader, stalker, troller?

What is a silent reader? Well in the blogging world, a silent reader would be one who follows and reads a blog but rarely if not at all leave a comment. I categorize myself as a silent reader. I rarely leave a comment unless I really have something to say, or share my opinion, or I personally know the blogger. It's kinda like when you say hi to people you know walking on the streets, and just passing by a stranger. If that stranger is interesting enough, I'll probably steal some looks at him/her.. Just like how interesting blog entries are. 

Sometimes, it's easier to comment on simple blog entries, like photos of food, rather than lengthy, thought out ones. A simple "Mmmm / sedapnya / meleleh" would do with those food type of entries. Whereas those really super padat dengan informasi, it's not as easy to comment. You've gotta at least have a strong enough point to say something as valuable as the entry. So, in such cases, keeping silent is much easier. 

Another reason would simply be, malas. Kalau ada the option to 'like', like aja sudah. Or just a matter of baca dan blah ke blog lain, or continue on with facebook, twitter, instagram.. There's just so many social media platforms to catch up with, so you just flip through the pages for your daily mind feed. 

Some silent readers are stalkers as well. Stalkers, could be ones who like or hate. I find the ones who hate the funniest. Yelah, kata tak suka, tapi punyalah stalk, dan dialah yang paling tau apa latest news, etc, asal update je nak jenguk. Most probably nak cari bahan bagi mencukupkan asam dan garam kehidupannya yang bosan itu. Hehe. But perhaps, most haters, become anons, and leave naaasty comments to provoke, or saja nak troll. 

So some silent readers are stalkers, and some stalkers are trollers but not all trollers are silent readers. Errr.. apakah? Well, I'm kinda sleepy, but I really wanted to update my blog as I'm trying to commit myself to be more consistent updating my blog. And the silent reader became my inspiration for this particular blog entry.  

So thank you le silent reader. Whether you're a silent reader, stalker, troller, I appreciate each and everyone of yous. Thank you for popping by my blog!

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