Tak Cukup Asah

Dah lama aku tak berblog. Perangai lama dah serang kembali. Nampak gayanya aku mungkin tak dapat nak maintain GPA seperti sem pertama aku. Haih. Kecewa dengan diri sendiri. Minggu depan minggu terakhir kelas, kemudian study week, lepas tu ekjem.

I have a few assignments for different subjects that are pass due. I've already met up with one of the lecturers and brought up my issues. I thought after letting it out, I'd be motivated and can work things out. But nope, it's remaining stagnant. I'd really wanna get 3.5 above, but, seems unlikely at this rate. I don't know if I can even score above 3.0. Yeeks.

Trying my best to be positive, calm, and be focused. Being focused, is the hardest to do.  I think I put too much unnecessary stress on myself. Worried about the future, the past, when instead I should be dealing with the now. This is only my second semester. I know it's not too late, but.. at this point I'm just really really disappointed for not being consistent, especially my first semester was great. It should have motivated me enough to keep it up.

I've been blaming the external factors for my deterioration this semester. One holiday after another. It kind of stumps my momentum. Makes me lazy when I've too many breaks in between. The previous semester it was all crazy and in a rush since it was only a short semester. Now, thinking I've a longer time, I tend to drag things to the very last minute, then I panic, lose focus, and end up being lost.

Remember my 'Forced to read' entry? The presentation is tomorrow. And I've done nothing. I doubt that I'll be able to prepare something in time. Sigh.. that entry was weeks ago, more than enough time to get it done. I'm really sick of this attitude of mine. Hmmfftth. Here's a little something I wrote during my moment of self disgust.
"Life. This road is a slippery one. I keep on slipping off it. It hurts each time I fall. I bleed, I bruise, I heal, I've scars. But I never really do learn from it. I need better soles to have a better grip because one day I just might slip, fall down, bump my head, and never get up again."
With that, I shall end this post. I've actually have a number of entries drafted that I've been wanting to post. But I will have to put those on hold till the end of this semester. It just doesn't feel right to be writing in my blog when I should be doing my assignments instead. Err.. just like what I'm doing now. Oh the guilt! Hehe.  So uh okay bye.



Tidur dengan pocong.

Sempena entri Gambar hantu ke? #001 apa kata kita kongsi cerita hantu. Meh sini I nak kongsi cerita, yang rasa macam pernah cerita sebelum ni tapi aku cerita je lah sebab tengah stress jadi nak hilangkan stress aku pun nak cerita lah pasal cerita hantu yang bukan rekaan.

Ni terjadi masa Anna kat MRSM Muar dulu. Masa tu weekend rasanya. Tidur terlajak dari petang, terlepas Maghrib sampai lah time lights off. Iaitu dalam pukul 11pm. Tengah duk kepala weng sebab tidur lama sangat, dalam keadaan separuh sedar, tiba-tiba aku rasa ada orang menghempaskan badan dia atas tilam. Masa tu aku duk tidur menghadap divider, jadi orang tu landing baik kat kawasan tilam yang kosong. Bajet roomate ke member ke yang tidur kat sebelah. 

Jadi aku macam nak toleh tengok siapa, tapi aku rasa lain macam. Aku hanya cuba lihat dari hujung mata, bak kata mat salleh, from the corner of my eyes. Dan alangkah haru birunya aku bila aku nampak sekujur susuk berwarna putih. Aku sempat pikir, eh tapi aku tak ada bantal peluk. Huhhh, lepas tu yang paling best, ialah bila aku dapat rasa nafasnya yang panas betul-betul di belakang leher aku, dan, bunyinya "hugghhh, hugggggghh" setiap kali nafas dihembus di belakang leher aku. Deyum. 

Aku tengok lagi sekali dengan hujung mata, seolah-olah dia nak peluk aku. Then aku dah macam, baca la segala apa ayat yang terlintas kat kepala. Badan memang dah kejung dan kaku, aku tak boleh nak gerak. Last-last dengan kekuatan yang aku ada, aku pon depangkan tangan, dan terus susuk putih bernafas panas tu hilang. Aku tengok ketiga-tiga roomate aku semua nyenyak tidur.

Dah gelabah dah ni. Aku nak kejut junior aku, tak sampai hati, jadi aku pon selit je tidur sekali kat katil dia Pagi tu baru aku cerita. Dia pelik awat aku duk selit kat katil dia. Terus malam tu kami pakat baca Yassin. Huhh, lepas tu dah takmo dah tidur terlajak-lajak ni. Tak pasal-pasal ada yang tak diundang tumpang tidur sekatil. 

Sebenarnya, dulu sebelum aku kahwin aku selalu ada rasa ada sesuatu yang tidur dekat sebelah bila aku tidur sorang-sorang. Katil aku queen size, then tengah duk tidur tu, rasa macam ada orang duk naik atas katil, boleh rasa tilam tu terbenam sikit-sikit mendekati aku. Kalau dalam movie, konon boleh nampak kesan terbenam tu. Tapi sebab aku dalam keadaan lalok, selalu rasa tu hanya bayangan semata-mata.

Ada satu insiden, tengah tidur, aku dengar suara yang sangat garau yang cakap "HANA BOLEH SAYA MASUK??", suara tu bergema, seolah-olah pakai Dolby surround sound dan aku siap lihat satu bilik bergegar. Tapi dalam keadaan kabur. Aku still rasa aku imagine je kot, so aku sambung tidur, sekali rasa lagi ada orang naik atas tilam tu, terus aku bengang, bangun, hentak kaki di atas lantai sambil menjerit, "BOLEH TAK JANGAN KACAU AKU???!!". Terus aku turun bawah tidur kat bilik mak. Masa tu aku ngantuk dan letih sangat, terus dari rasa seram jadi bengang.

Bila pikir-pikir balik, rasa semua tu fantasi je. Tapi sesungguhnya tak dapat disangkal wujudnya makhluk-makhluk lain, jin dan syaitan. So ada possibility it did actually happen back then. Sejak kahwin dah tak kena kacau lagi dah, Alhamdulillah. 

Ada sesapa nak kongsi pengalaman korang sendiri? Best woo dengar citer-citer hantu. Lepas tu  mulalah nak tidur malam pon takut, nak pi kencing malam pon takut. Huggggghhhhh hugggggh.

Oh dan aku dapat tau dari member yang bapanya boleh lihat makhluk alam ghaib, bunyi 'huggh hugggh' tu sememangnya trademark pocong. Erk! Okbai. Selamat tidur korang.


Gambar hantu ke? #001

Nampak macam Casper kan? Gambar ni di ambil di kawasan flat di hadapan Sunway Pyramid. Boleh klik untuk besarkan. Betul atau tidak anda tentukan.

Kalau anda ada gambar-gambar yang korang rasa ada unsur-unsur hantu, emailkan ke sueannajoe@gmail.com. Gambar sendiri okay. Takyah cilok dari internet. 


PETKNODE's "Good Care" lah sangat.

I'm just highlighting parts of PETKNODE's info on their website (cached) which I find repulsive after reading what has happened.
Q: What else does my cat get when boarded at your boarding centre?

Your cat will be monitored by our dedicated and experienced staff 24 hours per day. So you can have our assurance that your cat is always around us as your assigned caretaker. Our boarding centre is also equipped with surveillance camera for additional security purposes. We also have 3 units of air purifier installed for additional air circulation and to kill germs and bacteria and we are using germicidal bulbs for double protection to kill viruses.

- Where's the recording from the surveillance camera? Bak la kasi tengok. To kill germs and bacteria? THREE air purifiers, germicidal bulbs, double protection to kill viruses??? How about staying there 24 hours like you said and not have any of the pets under your care not killed!! Letak 100 air purifier, kalau tinggal takda makan minum pon tak guna la bodohhhhh.

Q: What is your opening hour?

Our center operates 24/7 and we accept customers for admission or collection from 11AM until 8PM daily.

- Then why were the shutters down, why did the people have to 'pecah masuk' if it's opened 24/7? Check out video below if you haven't:

Q: What will happen with the uncollected cats?

We are very serious when it comes to abandonment cases. If it happens that you refuse to collect your cat two weeks after the agreed end date of boarding service agreement and no contact has been received from you, we will send the cat to your home address. If you refuse to accept, we shall reserve the right with any applicable law to seek for legal advice for further actions. Please keep in mind that we STRONGLY DISAGREE with this irresponsible act and you will be held liable for any legal costs that might be imposed to you.

- HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah right. Who are you to talk about being irresponsible?

The caretaker is always around

Why leaving your cat in a boarding cattery whose owner spends the holiday too? We spend the holiday with your cat. With us, your cat will never be left unattended, Guaranteed!
Haih. This is just so heartbreaking, dah tak tau nak kata apa. Tengok gambar ish, yang kurus keding, and the photos of the baby kittens yang mati, ish sedih weh. How can the owners let this happen? And what the hell were they thinking? Ingat orang tak akan find out ke? I heard 16 cats died.. :(((

To those who went to rescue the poor furballs, and yang adopt tu, you have my utmost respect. It's good to know Malaysian's do care and have taken prompt action.

With this, I'm proud that a friend I know, the talented Najib Arttech has voluntered to adopt one of the cats there. Here's a photo of the cat the Najib adopted!

Photo from his FB. Female cat. Katanya mata dia sakit sebelah, so he's gonna bring her to the vet tomorrow. Terima kasih dude, kau dahla talented, baik hati pulak tu. Ingat dah tak mampu nak kagum lagi. Huh, bangga mokcik.

And to the owners, may you be punished for the cruelty you have committed. Congratulations for being the 2 most hated men in Malaysia right now.

For updates head on over to http://www.myanimalcare.org/ and http://www.facebook.com/ktaj0311.

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