Video of Steve Jobs in 1984

Young & not so young Steve Jobs posing with his babies. Hehe.

Saw this video shared in my Twitter timeline. Meremang bulu roma tengok. Mainly because of how Apple has changed the way we live this day.

I'm not sadden by Steve Jobs resignation, but more of his reasons, mainly due to his health issues. What really makes me sad is that, reading online articles, people are worried about Apple's future, shares dropping down, tech issues, rather than his health issues. Some articles don't even mention about him battling pancreatic cancer.

However, I believe Steve Jobs himself being a man of success doesn't focus on his illness, so not surprised that there are those who didn't even know he has cancer. It's not an excuse for him. He just keeps on working hard and passionately. Kita ni, sakit sket, pening ke, demam ke, mulalah tak larat nak pi kelas, nak buat kerja, etc.. Haish. Malu weh sket kat Steve Jobs ni!

2007 & 2008.

He has done so much already. He deserves this break and rest. I wouldn't worry too much about Apple's legacy, and I believe Tim Cook will do just fine. Plus it's not like Steve Jobs totally bailed on Apple, here's his resignation letter if you haven't read:

To the Apple Board of Directors and the Apple Community:

I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO, I would be the first to let you know. Unfortunately, that day has come.

I hereby resign as CEO of Apple. I would like to serve, if the Board sees fit, as Chairman of the Board, director and Apple employee.

As far as my successor goes, I strongly recommend that we execute our succession plan and name Tim Cook as CEO of Apple.

I believe Apple’s brightest and most innovative days are ahead of it. And I look forward to watching and contributing to its success in a new role.

I have made some of the best friends of my life at Apple, and I thank you all for the many years of being able to work alongside you.


I'm sure that resigning from his CEO position was the last thing he wanted to do, but he must be seriously ill to let go of his position. But as he says, 'that day has come', and being as smart as he is, I'm sure that's the wisest choice he could have made. He should be happy with his decision, so should we. Wish you well Steve Jobs, and thanks for the Apple!



Guys who cry.

Luqman nangis. Ummi dia happy je snap gambar. Hihi.

To me crying is therapeutic. Bila dah habis menangis tu, rasa lega yang amat. And I do love crying at the movies, I'm easily touched. Kadang-kadang bila tengok talent show bila orang ramai duk bangun tepuk tangan bagi standing ovation pon boleh macam oh tersentuh dan bergenang air mata. Haha. Lame, I know but it's somewhat makes it more worthwhile. Macam, layan dengan penuh perasaan. Dan bila somebody lakukan benda yang sangat sweet, especially when Pitt does, yang mana dia ni bukan kategori lelaki romantik, I will tend to shed a tear. :`)

Dan aku juga akan menangis bila rasa marah yang sangat. Aku jarang marah, usually simpan dalam dan telan, but when I am sooo angry, aku akan menangis. Then, masa pregnant dulu, pernah menangis bagai nak rak, sampai, sesak nafas. Masa tu tengah terliur sangat nak makan lamb chop kat kedai mamak dekat ngan rumah. Sekali tengok dah tutup. Pergh, serious frust gila. Dah order dah air segelas, terus bangun dan chow tak minum, then melalak dalam kereta, sampai ke rumah. Haha, damn emo.

But I've always been extremely sensitive when it comes to food, especially bila lapar, macam baby. Lapar je nangis. Haha. So time pregnant tu memang exaggerated kesensitifan itu. Ish ish. Tapi lepas tu, bila ingat balik, memang gelakkan diri sendiri, sebab rasa macam lawak.

Masa zaman sekolah dulu, kan ada sessi muhasabah diri, time kem motivasi, depa tutup lampu, pasang lagu, pastu duk buat ayat dan sajak konon nak kasik insaf dan sedar diri. Haha, lepas tu mulalah dengan orang duk teresak-esak, ada gak yang duk gelak, lelaki usually, tapi last-last tengok depa pon hidung berhinguih, mata merah, nangis jugeeekkk.

Lepas tu, bila tengok mak sendiri menangis, secara otomatik kita akan menangis. Dan nangis yang paling best, bila nangis time tengah berdoa, dan semestinya, pertama kali bila melihat Ka'bah. Huh, tak dapat digambarkan perasaan ketika itu!

So, what do you think of guys who cry? I mean bagi perempuan bila nangis ni, macam alah biasalah. But when guys, it's expected for them to maintain macho. But I have heard from friends, their boyfriends yang jenis kuat menangis. Kadang-kadang kalah perempuan duk nangis. Mostly because of relationship issues lah, bila gaduh etc, mintak maaf semua. I don't wanna think negatively of these guys, cause lain orang lain cara handle emosi kan regardless of gender, but like I said, kita dah biasa relate guys to being macho.

I have only seen my father cry once. That was when I was, perhaps 10 years old. I went to my neighbors house, selang satu rumah je pon. Naik basikal. Then bila balik tu, tengok awat semua duk kecoh duk kat luar rumah ni. Rupanya they were looking for me. And my dad was crying while hugging me.. :`( Huh.. Sebak. Then Pitt pulak, when we have these long serious talks about life and regrets and our future, and he talks about his appreciation for his parents. Rasa macam oh.. makes me respect him and love him even much more. Sebab Pitt ni jenis muka ketat, doesn't really show his affection and emotions, so bila jadi macam tu, rasa macam sangatlah tersentuh and I can see his sincerity.

Johnny Depp in Cry Baby. Nak tisu? Meh lap kat baju I.

Okay, while we're at it. Nah some videos:

Yang ni agak kelakar lah. Hehe.

Okay, yang ni memang tersentuh.
This guy masuk Islam.. and the guys there were crying.

Even though I tak paham apa budak ni cakap, berlinang je air mata..
You can even hear in the crowd, the men there crying.

So girls, do you know guys who cry? And guys, do you cry? If you do, when, why? If you don't, are you ashamed to cry because of what people might think? I'm just curios to know. I think we girls are lucky, because it's normal for girls to cry from the society's point of view, but not so for the guys, because it might show a sign of weakness. Agree, disagree? Apakah pendapat korang?




I'm already at my 2nd semester. But I've been slacking. Missing some classes as well as assignments. My usual cycle has returned. Kitaran hangat-hangat tahi ayam. But I am determined not to let this consume me. Kalau dulu, I waited till the very last minute to tell my parents or my lecturers my problems. But that's when it's just too late to catch up.

One assignment in particular, I was supposedly to submit 2 weeks ago. But I didn't. I couldn't. I tried, but failed. The mental block, frozen in front of the screen, arranging words, trying to type out letters to make sentences in Microsoft Word just did not happen. I just couldn't at all figure out what to write. I tried reading over and over the text, but my brain could just not compute. Totally brain dead.

So last week I gathered all the strength I had left and met up with my lecturers and let it all out, told my lecturers my issues that I have been battling. My worries are, I am unable to maintain my GPA last semester. But after talking to my lecturer and reading an ebook I purchased by Leo Babauta on "Un-Procrastination", I realized my problem. All I had was 'fear'. Fear of the unknown, of the future, fear of failure, even though I have just started.

This just messes up my mind, putting too much pressure for me to handle. It's fine setting high goals, but it's not when it starts worrying you that you won't be able to achieve those goals. My brain is too occupied thinking of 'what might/might not happen if so.. and so..' when all I have to do is just do. And do the best that I can and stop worrying of trying to make it perfect.

I'm glad and relieved to have spoken to them. And I am even more relieved and thankful that they are extremely understanding. I am now motivated again, and I hopefully won't relapse back into my negative state of mind.



Acid splashing frenzy in Malaysia.

So it seems that more acid splashing activities are happening more frequently as of late. It just used to be as an act of vengeance by ex husbands, or ex boyfriends, and the victims would usually be women. But lately, anyone can be a target, regardless of age, race and gender.

I think, these incidents are 'inspired' from the news. Apparently these are all separate cases, and most probably by different attackers. Unlike guns, it's near impossible to stop people from buying these corrosive liquids, because a lot of household items, used for cleaning can already cause burning to the skin when in contact.

So what can be done to stop this from happening? I'm afraid that there will most probably be no complete end to this, perhaps just a phase when things quite down a little. Because it seems, these attackers are now not only splashing acid, but they are doing so to rob their victims as the liquid form makes it much easier as a 'weapon'.

The only way we can prevent it, comes down to our own awareness of our surroundings. Be extra cautious and always on the lookout. Never ever take for granted for your safety even in public places. One of the victims here previously had a minor accident prior to the splash, was attacked later at Sogo. The other guy, a businessman had stopped his car to check a flat tyre, when these 2 guys suddenly approached him, one splashing the acid on his face, while the other trying to steal his car but failed.

These incidents, minor accident, flat tyre is something that happens everyday so we would not really think about it being 'planned'. So yes, it is very important when such incidents do happen, we need to be on the lookout for those who are approaching. But we shouldn't be extremely paranoid to the point that you're not willing to get out of the house, as these are only a few cases that are highlighted by the media. Also it would be a good idea for us to equip ourselves with prayers as well. For my Muslim readers, let me share some du'as that will protect us throughout the day Insya'Allah... :

Doa Keselamatan Diri Sendiri

Ertinya: Ya Tuhan! selamatkan aku dari orang-orang yang zalim.

Doa Menjauhi Kejahatan

Ertinya: Ya Allah! Aku berlindung kepada Engkau daripada kepayahan kemalangan, daripada jurang kecelakaan dan dari kemalangan nasib dan ejekan musuh.

These du'as were taken from the website of Jabatan Mufti Selangor. Please share them with your friends. Semoga kita semua terlindung dari kejahatan dan kecelakaan. Amin.



Jessica Alba berhijab?

Macam nilah rupanya Jessica Alba kalau pakai tudung.


Iftar with Datuk Wira HJ SM Faisal

Was invited again by Datuk Wira HJ SM Faisal, the intergalactic dreamer for a lovely buka puasa session at Favola, Le Meridien. He's really an inspiration, he's only 31 and already has received tons of recognitions and awards.

Meeting him up close and personal, it's no surprise why he is as successful as he is today - he is extremely humble and generous. Each and everyone of us even received duit raya, which was totally unexpected. I was thinking it was some discount coupons to buy a car. Lol. Wish it were car keys though. Boleh balik kampung masa raya bawak kereta baru vroom vroom.

Anyway, if you haven't you should totally head down to the Naza World Automall and go cuci mata, and maybe it'll make you motivated to work hard and someday own a really mean piece of steel on wheels. I know I want to. Okay, photo time!

Class photo!

Lovely deco. Rasa macam kat wedding dinner.
I love you kambing golek.

Dessert bukan desert, not padang pasiaq. 
Happy and satisfied faces.
Okay bawah dah sessi berkamerahor.

Anyhoo, thanks to Ami, for first introducing my blog to Helennes because from there I've been getting invites to some really cool events. Looking forward to more! And manalah tau, rezeki korang, pon boleh join!! Weeee.

Oh yeah, almost forgot! The video of the majlis berbuka puasa:



Respecting people's cyber space. (updated)

Morning all, well it is at the time I'm writing this. So, I have nothing against people advertising or promoting their own stuff, blog, food, the stuff they sell, e.t.c., but I am completely against those that do it on the wall space of other people's facebook page, or in the blog comments, or well whatever space that is not their own. Especially when whatever their promoting has nothing to do with that person. To me it's impolite. Seolah terjah rumah orang masa tengah open house dan jual barang kat tetamu yang datang tanpa izin tuan rumah.

Mungkin ada yang kata alah, biarlah nak berniaga. Yes okaylah tu, but nak niaga pon ada caranya. If you want to advertise on other people's page, minta izin dulu. Atau, to be more professional, pay for the space you want to advertise on. I have had people approaching me, emailing me, mintak tolong promote barang depa, ada yang offer barang diorang for free, ada pulak yang nak bayar. Depends on the product and service, sometimes I accept, but at most times I don't. I am only willing to promote things that I would personally use. To those people, I appreciate them for being truly professional and ethical.

Ni nak raya, mulalah ramai yang tag kita dengan gambar biskut, baju raya, etc. Dari tak pernah tegur pon dekat facebook, tiba-tiba nak tag gambar kita. Memanglah kita boleh untag, tapi again, rasa macam kurang sopan, lainla biskut tu buat sempena nama kita ke. Contohnya: Anna Banana Cake ,Kek Lapis Annawak, Tart Nanas Anna. Haha.

Then ni lagi satu, trend jual tudung. Meniru design orang lain. Berapa banyak 'knockoffs' design yang katanya terinspirasi dari Hana Tajima? Dan berani pulak tu nak tulis 'tudung ala Hana Tajima'. Itu intellectual property, copyright. Sebab tu kalau kita pi kedai kat shopping mall, kita dilarang ambik gambar. It's against the law. Boleh kena saman.

Or yang jenis jual satin silk scarves, dan guna gambar Hana Tajima sebagai contoh produk dorang. Dan adaaaaa juga yang siap guna gambar dari blogshop orang lain, siap letak watermark sendiri! Erk, apa kes? You should have your own photos of your own products. Orang lain sikit punya susah nak create produk tu, nak shoot, hang senang-senang pi guna tuk kedai hang. Ish. Tak patut.

I'm not trying to be negative, lagi-lagi bulan puasa ni. But this is to make you aware, of how to be more ethical and professional when doing things online, especially online shops. Memang dalam Islam digalakkan berniaga, tapi harus ingat, perlulah bertatacara dan menghormati orang lain, termasuk 'rumah' mereka. Mungkin kita nampak benda tu remeh, sebab kita dah biasa sangat. But that does not make it the right thing to do.

Sekian sahaja bebelan makcik pada hari ini. Terima kasih. Maaf kalau tersinggung mana-mana pihak. Kalau niaga secara beretika dan jujur, Insya'Allah lebih berkat dan rezeki dimurahkan.


Okay, it's official, tag profile orang tuk promote barang adalah SALAH. Copying this directly from Facebook:
User Consent and Tagging

Users should always have choice and control in how they use Facebook channels and products. Because of this, apps should never automatically tag a user or their friends in a photo. Please obtain express consent of the user on whose behalf you are doing the tagging, and also remember that users can tag friends even after the image is added to their profile.

Authentic Tagging

Images where the user is being tagged should accurately label what is depicted in the image. Tagging must not be used in collages, with avatars, or for marketing or promotional purposes.
So you see, I'm not just making it up. It is against the rule. Check it out for yourself HERE.



Forced to read.

So this semester, one of the subjects I've taken up is Critical Reading Skills. And our major assignment is to do a review on an award winning book. I am not much of a book reader, I prefer flipping through pages of magazines, or books, with lots of pictures in them, the newspaper at times, and other than that.. uhhh.. nope, not really.

I remember somewhere back in 2009 I wrote an entry pledging to pick up on reading. Years after, I've yet to oblige to my own oath. Tsk tsk tsk. I even asked for you peeps for some book recommendations. Semangat lah konon. However, I did purchase a few books, but never got through them. If I do ever get to read them, then perhaps I'll share them with you, or not malulah kalau duk tunjuk je kan tapi ngak dibacaiin.

So yesterday, went to Kinokuniya to get a book for this assignment of mine. Spent about an hour - two in there, mostly being clueless as what to get. I tried googling up prior to this trip for award winning books, but uhh, still couldn't decide which. It wasn't easy to search, because they don't have a special rack for that. The only award winning rack I found was at the children's section. Doubt that would be appropriate for class. But, I'm definitely gonna head to that section again cause I did see some interesting books despite it's category. I think it's fine really, like how I still enjoy watching Sponge Bob and some stuff on the Disney Channel. Hey, it's simple, don't-really-need-to-think-much-entertainment. So why not right?

I was reluctant at first to head on over to the best sellers sections, as I wanted to manually search for it around the Literature rack. But as I said, wasn't any special category for 'award winning', so I had a tough time finding one. So I ended up at best seller area, and finally found two books that I thought would be interesting. Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides and Let The Great World Spin by Colum McCann.

What got me to getting Middlesex; the author wrote the Virgin Suicides, and I've watched that movie and enjoyed it, so I assumed the same for this. Ashamed to say I didn't realize I picked up a book that was talking about the journey of a hermaphrodite, uhh khunsa so to speak, a person that has both male and female genitals. Raised as a girl, but as she grew, she starting having more of a male characteristic.

I didn't really notice this while reading the short synopsis at the back of the book which said "To understand why Calliope is not like other girls, she has to uncover a guilty family secret, and the astonishing genetic history that turns Callie into Cal..". I was thinking hmmm, family secret, interesting, genetic history, interesting, and never really picked up on the Callie/Cal name, well I did, only thinking that it was her new identity and nothing along the lines of biologically having both sex organs.

I slap myself on the forehead for being so clueless, even the title of the book was a hint, Middlesex-hello? Can't it be more obvious? If I knew of this, I would have most probably picked up a different book. Because honestly speaking, the whole hermaphrodite thing is kind of is disturbing. Being a mother, you get so many crazy thoughts going through your mind especially when you're pregnant. These things do happen in real life, and I can't imagine the conflict the parents and especially the kid goes through being torn by gender. It's like those things you know, you think of, but you just don't want to speak of.

But now that I have the book, and after reading reviews, it actually does seem very very interesting. And I shall shove my personal issues aside and go on reading this book. As for the other book, Let The Great World Spin talks about characters set in 1970's in New York after the now no longer existent Twin Towers was just built. Seems interesting enough.

Not sure which book to review since I've two, so, will bringing them to my lecturer to help me decide. The book in the middle in the photo above is our text book. Asking The Right Questions, A Guide To Critical Thinking. I'm really liking it. Will be extremely helpful in a lot of things, might even improve how I write, so being a blogger, that's a bonus! Might even share some tips here as well.

I'm actually, really really glad that I am 'forced to read'. It's a great way to get me started to a more beneficial hobby. Can't wait till I get addicted and start collecting books and neatly or perhaps disorderly displaying it on a bookshelf, konon macam intelligent. But it is true, most intelligent people do read a lot. So marilah kawan-kawan, kita menanam sifat suka membaca! Baca Qur'an pon kenalew rajin. Erk!




What's the best way to embarrass your own kid? By planking at their playground!

So I've had this photo for a while. Posted in on my tumblr as well. Then today checked my email, got one for SAYS.my, clicked on it, and saw the Plank Your Says contest, and thought he, bolehlah alang-alang dah ada gambar ni. Plus hadiah dia pon menarik:

1st : Diana F+ Lomo Camera
2nd : Fujifilm Instax Mini 7 (brown)
3rd : Fujifilm Instax Mini 7 (white)
4th & 5th : Fujifilm Instax Mini 7 (White-Pink/White-Blue
Tapi kalau boleh nak menang yang 2nd tu. Haha boleh plak nak memilih. Ntah menang tah tidak. Cause duk tengok yang dah masuk tu ada kot beratus-ratus like dah. Agak lambatla tau pasal contest ni. The contest started since July 11th, and ends August 15th. Tak lama lagi tu.

Okay, depa suh buh caption kan dalam gambar tu sendiri, so kasik taruk lah dalam photoshop. Dah edit baik, dah upload semua. Sekali baru terperasan:

Boleh la pulak salah eja. It's 'embarrassing' not 'embarassing'. Tertinggal satu 'r'. Kalau macam dalam blog ke apa, senang la nak edit, ni sebab dah dalam gambar, dah upload, takdanya. Tak kuasa la nak delete, edit, upload balik. Dahla dah sebarkan. Tapi takpewlew wat camnewlew dah jadiew. Sabar je lah.

But it is ironic, and painfully funny, cause I wrote "Mommy.. you're embarassing me" Sekali salah eja, tak ke sememangnya memalukan tu? Tak gheti eja, pahtu nak besar pulak tu kan tulis. Terbaiiik.

Yeah, yeah I know, I'm overreacting. But if you've read my past posts, you know how crazy I am when it comes to typos. Rasa macam nak mengamuk kalau silap. So two lessons I've gained today, satu, lain kali jangan gelojoh, kedua, tak perlulah nak perfectionist sangat, benda remeh macam tu. Lain la benda tu buat untuk iklan ke kad jemputan kawin ka, apa, typo macam tu memang tak patut berlaku. Ni takat post pehbuk ja nak kecoh la minah.

But this mistake reminds me of those, misspelled tattoos, itu memang horror. Here are some samples, yang lain google je la:

Memang 'awsome'!!

Juge pon boleh!

Okay, so, terus kepada tujuan entri ni, nak mintak tolong 'like' kan gambar yang planking ai tu boleh? Kalau boleh, terima kasihh banyak-banyak!! Okay sila like »» di SINI «« Thank you very much!

And if you haven't do check out my previous entry: How to gain readers to your blog. Alrite semua, selamat berbuka puasa hari ni!


How to gain readers to your blog.

Morning all. For all my Muslim friends, selamat berpuasa. Hopefully you get through the day and gain pahala. Even something as simple as a smile would be rewarding :)

Okay, so thought I'd talk a little bit about blogging. I'm probably not the prefect person to give you tips compared to some really super blogs with over 10k readers. But then, being me, I should know better than to stop comparing. Because there will always be someone better in some areas than you and the other way around. It's not easy to see our own specialty that God has given us when we keep on making comparisons with others. Plus, when doing so, it stops us from moving ahead to be a better person, because it can make you feel down when you feel that person is better than you are. Instead it should inspire and motivate you, learn from those who you deem are better. Because the danger of comparison is it will turn into jealousy, and that's baaaaad. It does anyone no good. It eats you up.

Now for the tips. Here they are:
1. Have a readable blog. Yes, blog yang mudah baca. How? The selection of color is very important. A black font against white like my blog is always the safest and sure way to make your text readable. Black background, is not recommended, even if you use a white text or any other bright color, it will still a bit hard to read. But if you insist on using a dark color, use something lighter than black, a dark grey, dark blue, etc.. And of course with light text as well.

2. Use punctuations marks, paragraphs and use your small and capital letters. It does not only make your entries reader friendly, it makes them look more professional and 'intelligent' despite the content of your post. Seriously it does.

3. If you like music on your blog, that's fine. But try to set it so it does not automatically play. Because some songs tend to be a little loud and distracts people from reading the post. Especially when it's so difficult to look for the player to press stop. When this happens, I'd just close the blog immediately and am not interested to read further.

4. Don't have too many widgets on your sidebar. Takes forever too load, and it can clutter your page. Just add in the necessary ones. Like, recent blog post, most popular, followers, pageviews, users online, blog links.

5. Shoutbox is fun. But to me it's an invitation to free advertising a.k.a spamming.

6. On commenting. Do not fall victim to the 'follow me I follow you / comment me I comment you / link me I like you' trend. Let the readers or blog owners choose who they want to follow. Leave a comment on the post that's witty, smart, well written, has a sense of humor, this will most likely attract the blog owner, or other readers to check out who you are.

7. Your blog content. Pictures, people just love pictures. Of yourself hanging out with your friends, trips, what you eat, etc. Makes your blog look fun, and some people prefer seeing pictures rather than reading words.

8. Write about your personal life, on what's new, reviews on the latest movies you watch. It's important you keep updating yourself with the news, read the newspaper, talk about what you read in the paper this morning, share your opinion. People love engaging on what's the latest happenings.

9. Now this is more like a natural born talent. If you can be funny in your post, please do. People just love that. Maria Elena and Hanis Zalikha are among the bloggers I can think of who are hilarious. Jebon too, but rarely blogs these days.

10. Another natural gift is good looks. Again, I'm picking Maria, Hanis, plus they have lotsa pictures and is funny too, a perfect combo!

11. Have a target audience. You can have a general blog, but if you have a target audience it's easier for you to come up with posts, perhaps in politics, or about celebrities, cooking, fashion about religion, parenting or have a 'trademark' like Obefiend's Blog Serius, yeah his entries cedok dari internet, not original, but he's fast, he updates often, and finds really interesting stuff, and see how each post is titled, 'Serius something'. Bijak right?

12. Consistency and rajin update. This is very very very important. When you are consistent and rajin update, you readers will come by your page every day to see if you've any new posts so they don't miss out on it. Plus, the rajiner you are, if you've a blogging income, like Nuffnang, Innit or Advertlets for example, you get money from that, and if you're lucky enough, you just might get advertorials, which pay you hundreds for each advertorial!!! So it's really rewarding. And if you want to take a break, try not to take a break for too long. Talking from experience, it's difficult to get back on track once you have lost it.

13. Don't write with expectations. Despite all my tips of gaining followers, please don't make this your main goal. Because once you do, the lack of followers, comments or income will demotivate you. Just write with your heart and passion.

14. Don't take things too seriously. Just relax and chill. Pasang lagu sket, sambil layan air sirap atau kopi, makan Super Rings, tulis entri. Lepas tu habis tumpah, baju pon dah oren-oren sebab lap jari sebelum nak taip. Haha, eh ni bulan puasa der.

15. Lupa, cuba ada header yang cantik-cantik, tajuk dan url blog yang mudah, dan senang ingat. Lagi sekali petik Maria yang menggunakan peliks.blogspot.com, Hanis Zalikha yang menggunakan inibelogsaya.blogspot.com dan of course lah bududanbelacan.blogspot.com. Hahaha, sempat lagi nak inteprem diri sendiri. Ni semua first impression, yang akan menarik orang ke blog anda.
And of course the most important is have fun, tapi time emo pon best gak, cause your entries will be truly from your heart. Blogging is a great way of expressing yourself, your issues and problems. It can be therapeutic. But also can cause headache kalau dapat komen yang kurang enak. So back to number 14, don't be so serious maaaa. Okay bai.



Mari memasak #003

Aku ngan Pitt suka masak, tapi jarang masak sebab dah ada bibik kat rumah. Jadi sebab jarang masak, dan bila masak jadi jakun sket, nak petik gambar dan kongsi. Kali ni tak ambik pon step by step, maleh. Ambik yang dah siap. Dan inilah dia. Jeng, jeng, jeng.

Roasted Lemon Chicken


Lemon, potatoes, green/red/yellow bell pepper, tomatoes, garlic cloves, bawang besaq, herbs & spices hat dalam botol tu siap-siap, yang ni ikut suka, macam-macam jenis ada. Kami beli brand apa tah, tapi dia khas tuk wat roast. Nak beli satu-satu pon boleh macam thyme, rosemary, dan sebagainya. Salt & pepper, kicap manis, honey and butter.


Cuci ayam butul-butul. Kasik lumur air asam jawa kasi tamau hanyir. Lepas tu lap sket ayam tu kasik kering. Lepas tu kasik spa kat ayam tu. Lumur dengan butter luar dan dalam ayam. Lepas tu lumur juga dengan madu, kicap manis, dan benda lain tu semua. Pepper, salt, herbs, spices suma kasik sapu. Kalau rajin, panaskan butter kasik cair, then tuang kat dalam ayam tu. Jaga-jaga, very the panas. Also, buat dalam bekas yang boleh takung, nanti segala limpahan tu nak letak balik atas ayam tu masa nak bakar.

Oh lupa, dalam ayam pon sumbat. Kami campur kentang potong dadu, rebus dulu sebab takut tak masak kalau bakar je, then campur lah butter, dan semua bahan tadi jugak. Sekali dengan capsicum, segala macam bawang dipotong dadu, gaul skali dengan potato.Then, kasik sumbat dalam itu ayam. Takyah lah banyak sangat. Sebelum sumbat bahan tadi, sumbat itu lemon separuh bijik. Kasik perah sket kat dalam dan luar, then sumbat. Kalau tanak bagi terkeluar boleh ikat kaki ayam tu, tapi kami biar je terkangkang.

Oh dan kalau marinate lama sket ayam ni sebelum masak lagi masyuk. Tapi kami bakar je terus sebab tak sabar punya pasal. Perut pon dah keriok keriok.

Then ayam tu dah habis masaj, lumur segala, ready nak masuk sauna, dalam oven, convection oven ka. Pastikan nanti korang boleh cedok air-air yang keluar dari ayam tu nanti, sebab dia jadi macam 'gravy' dia nanti. Pandai-pandai koranglah nak tadah macam mana. Oven kami jenis, yang kaca, portable tu, so air tu memang akan bertakung, jadi leh ceduk dan tuang je.

Kat tepi ayam tu, letak lah potato tu mana yang lebih-lebih, sebenarnya sumbat sikit je dalam ayam tu, selebihnya kat luar. Letak juga belahan lemon satu lagi kat luar. Bila dah letak dalam bekas nak masak tu, bolehlah tabur lagi sekali pepper & herbs dan sebagainya sebelum start bakar.

Oven, uhh tak ingat plak berapa temperature, tapi kami amik yang highest, kami set dalam masa 1 jam/ 60 minit, tapi tak sampai pon, sebab selalu kena check, takut hanguih. So agak-agak kaler dia ngam, bawak lah keluar. Lebihan air tu, silalah guna, tuang semula ke atas ayam tu.

Pergh memang sedap. Kuah tu kalau cukup lemon, memang kaw. So masa nak hidang tu, cedok sekali kuah tu letak lagi atas ayam. Memang terbaik. Dah tak perlu guna sos dah.

Pizza Bruschetta


Red/Yellow/Green Bell Peppers, cheese (mozzarella, cheddar, etc..), bawang besar, tomato, garlic butter, pepper/herbs/spices, prego traditional sauce and of course french loaf.


Kasik potong dadu itu bahan semua. Then kasik sapu french loaf yang telah dipotong macam bentuk di atas dengan garlic butter. Kemudian sapukan sos prego tadi di atas, kemudian campakkan segala benda yang dipotong tadi di atas, then letak lah pepper/herb/spices ikut suka, then letak sket lagi sauce atas tu, then buh cheese atas tu. Dah siap.

Masuk dalam oven. Temperature pon pakai je yang panas sekali kalau nak cepat, tapi kena tengoklah, bila nampak cheese tu cair, keluarkan. Dah boleh makan. Mudah dan sedap.

Recipe ni, boleh ikut suka, nak letak daging ka, ayam ka, tuna ka, tanak letak bell pepper ka, ikut cita rasa masing-masing.


Masak ni sebenarnya kena kreatif. Barulah sedap. Kalau ikut resipi dan sukatan 100% kekadang payah nak menjadi. Kena pandai main dengan deria, rasa, bau dan juga penglihatan. So okay ya'all, kalau korang masak ni khabaq la, menjadi ke tak, sedap ke tak. Ambiklah gambar sekali. Boleh ai selitkan sekali gambar nanti. Heeheehee.

Selamat berpuasa ya'all!



Treated like royalty.

Anti clockwise from me, is Lyna Kamal, Shea, Aishah Amin and Ami Schaheera.
So remember my previous posts about the Chelsea vs Malaysia match sometime ago? Haa, so ini post sepenuhnya together with the photos. Was lucky to be chosen to go watch the training session as well as the match. Dapat tiket grandstand pulak tu! And the best bit was on the match night, our bus was escorted by the cops. VIP treatment tu! Thanks to Naza World for making us feel like royalty. Imaginelah, orang tengah traffic jam, kitorang rilek je lalu, haha. A moment I'll never forget. After that event, driving will never be the same again.

Okay, so nak post banyak gila gambar ni. From the training to the day of the match.

From the left is Aimie, Shea, Lyna Kamal, Ami Schaheera, me and Helenness Chong. And of course, my future car on the right.

Everyone looks so excited on the bus. Getting our training passes.
Rasa macam rombongan sekolah pon ada! Lama gila kot tak naik bas.
We arrived a little late because the pakcik bas missed the simpang to masuk Bukit Jalil. Ramai sangat perempuan cun, hilang terus konsentrasi. So we had to sit at the upper tier instead of the grandstand. But it's all good, twas just the training day! The guys looked so tiny from far. Rasa nak picit-picit.

Okay so this photo of Helenness looking all serene ends the training day. Huh, we were all tried and famished. We had some drinks, Super Rings, kuaci and a compact burger sold buy these guys walking around with plastic bags filled with the burgers. Definitely not recommended. -_-

So after the training, we were about to head back, and noticed Aishah & Ami by the side of the road. Aishah was so excited for the training session she forgot to switch of her lights. So my hubby and Ami's hubby went to get a jumper cable and used their manly powers to start up Aishah's car. Macho moment there. Okay, so the following photos are from the match day.

Guys and gadgets. Pfftthh. That's Obefiend by the way in blue.
Next to him is Naz, Ami punya laki.
And Pitt in the brown shirt.
Ha this is the bus was our transport to Stadium Bukit Jalil that fooled people thinking we were actually the team.

Yala, siap ada police escort. We were kings and queens of the day.
(Photo credit: Aishah Amin)

Ami muka happy yang amat. Leonard lagi happy with his arms up in the sky.
Okay, so we posed with Datuk Wira SM Faisal Nasimuddin. Was an honor.
Was tempted to pose with his car, but malu, had to maintain cool. Ahaha.

Some random kids.

Entrance to our grandstand seats. Jyeah.
Back on the bus.

Gambar muka-muka yang ingat kami ni Lampard ke, Drogba ke.
Rupa-rupanya blogger siooot.

So dah, habis dah. We had so much fun. Puas hati. Definitely made me appreciate soccer. Never really been much a follower before. It's so much different watching it live. Dengan panasnya, berpeluhnya, the deafening sounds of the vuvuzelas, and the adrenalin from the supporters, it's just spectacular. Thank you Naza World for this amazing experience. Lepas ni bagilah kereta free satu. :P

Oh yeah, and ni ada video sket. First one's the arrival of the Chelsea team, second is the day of the match, saya ada terselit sket dalam tu. Heeee.

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