Acid attack lagi? :(

Kuala Lumpur (The Star/ANN) - Three women have fallen victim to the acid splashers who have been terrorising the Klang Valley in Malaysia since early last month.

The trio, two marketing executives and a teacher, were splashed with a hazardous liquid during separate attacks on Thursday and Friday.

The attacks took place at Jalan Tun Sambanthan and Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad -- the first time they occurred outside Bangsar.

On Thursday at about 5.30pm, marketing executive Ruhainah Husin, 30, and her colleague were on their way home near Jalan Tun Sambanthan when they were splashed.

"We were walking towards my car when we heard a motorcycle pull up behind us.

"In a split second, I felt something on my face," she said.

Ruhainah said she could feel a severe burning sensation and smelled smoke.

"Luckily my eyes were saved because I was wearing glasses," she said.

Her colleague, who escaped with minor injuries, and a bystander helped to send Ruhaina to the University Malaya Medical Centre for treatment.

Ruhaina suffered severe burns on parts of her face and shoulder.

It is believed that the liquid used by the attacker was a type of alkaline.

Another attack the next day, took place outside a primary school near Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad at 7am.

The victim, a teacher who wished to remain anonymous, said she noticed two men on a motorcycle speeding away after she was splashed.

Along with Ruhaina and her colleague, a total of fifteen people, including eight pupils, two teachers, a parent and her two children, have fallen victim to the attacks so far.

Brickfields OCPD Asst Comm Wan Abdul Bari Wan Abdul Khalid urged anyone with information to contact the nearest police station immediately.

This is really freaking me out. Tapi kalau asyik paranoid memang tak keluar rumah langsunglah. They only thing we can do is be aware of our surroundings. Duk luar, kat tepi jalan tu, tengoklah kiri, kanan, and be extra cautious when there are guys on a motorcycle approaching. We usually take for granted, usually in public places, that it's 'safe'. Dan kekadang terleka, termenung, or syok borak ngan kawan, or on the phone ke apa. It's hard really, because these people attack unexpectedly. Haish.

Dan apa kejadah orang ni? Attack kat primary school? Budak-budak? Ish. In the states they have people randomly shooting at people, kat Malaysia, orang simbah acid instead. They don't really state the true condition of the victims, but from other cases of acid splashed victims, usually boleh jadi buta, and it really can 'melt' ones skin. I remember seeing a lady when I was at Pasar Siti Khadijah in Kelantan, a lady who's face was really disfigured, mata jatuh ke bawah, hidung pon macam dah takda, duk minta sedekah, found out she was an acid splash victim by her own husband.

Usually people have a target, and a cause, like jealousy and anger, or revenge. But these random dudes on bikes splashing at random people on the street and even school kids? I don't get why? What do they get out of it? Fun? Satisfaction? Tak puas hati apanya? I really hope that these guys masa bawak motor tu termasuk lubang and the acid splashes on their own face!

Anyway, to you readers, sesiapa yang selalu duk tepi jalan tunggu teksi, bas, atau nak cross jalan ke apa, please be careful, kalau ramai-ramai ngan kawan lagilah, kadang-kadang tu duk leka borak sesama sendiri. Be safe, okay?



Sayang mak dan 7 orang anak?

My Mum is Amazing
Written by Zain Bikha, sang by Naadira Ali

Haih, asal dengar lagu ni ngan tengok video klipnya, mesti tak tahan nak nangis. Lagi-lagi bila diri sendiri dah jadi mak, sangatlah tersentuh. Aku tak boleh bayangkan perasaan orang yang kehilangan parents.

Aku seorang anak yang sangatlah manja, lebih-lebih lagi ngan mak. Dahla yang bongsu, and I'm the only girl. Esok-esok, kalau ada rezeki niat memang nak sambung studies. I would absolutely love to study overseas, somewhere other than Malaysia. Tapi taktaulah, rasa macam berat dan tak sanggup nak berjauhan dengan mak. Huwaaaaa.

Anyway, bulan April nanti Anna akan jadi student balik. Buat Bachelor of Communication (Hons) in Advertising di KLIUC. Module dia nampak quite interesting. Haih macam-macam tempat dah belajar, dari Matrikulasi KYPM Bangi buat Sains Bio lepas tu tukar buat Sains Fizikal, masuk pulak UIA, buat English and Literature, lepas tu cabut masuk pulak Lim Kok Wing, buat Graphic Design, lepas tu, pon tak jadi nak teruskan kat situ, dan akhirnya nak masuk KLIUC. Huah, jauh perjalanan, semua kerana tak dengar cakap mak.

Padan muka. Dah tua baru ada anak baru nak terhegeh nak dapat degree. People my age or even younger, dah bersepah ada Masters dan ada yang tengah buat PhD. Best woo. But I believe it's never too late. Biar lambat asalkan selamat. Haha, ayat saja nak sedapkan hati. Anyway Mak Anna pon macam sangat seronok Anna dah nak start belajar balik ni. Anna pon seronok sebab mak seronok. Semua seronok. Yay.

Course ni ambik masa 3 tahun, but if I take more subjects per semester, including the short semesters, ada possibilty untuk perabih within 2 1/2 years. And kalau mampu nak terus sambung Masters. Huh berangan, but I really do want to. So aku bagi diri sendiri time frame 4 tahun untuk belajar ke tahap Masters.

Now aku 29, so maybe dalam umur 33 atau lagi awal la settle Insya'Allah. Luqman pon akan masuk umur 5 tahun. Dan diharap juga financial income dah steady at that time. Bolehla menambah ahli keluarga. Lepastu rancangannya, gap anak dekat lagi lah, 2 tahun ke 1 tahun ke. Konon nak 4 anak paling kurang, dan paling ramai 7. Pergh.

Macam meriah je time raya kalau ada ramai anak. Lepas tu tambah lagi ngan cucu. Eh, belajar pon tak mula lagi dah berangan sampai ke cucu. Kang dalam kelas tak concentrate duk bayangkan rupa cucu cicit. Rileks Anna, satu persatu okay?



Have we been fooled?

After watching this video above, and reading some of the comments posted, I'm beginning to think that there's a huge possibility that Rebecca Black and the rest of her League of Extraordinary Superzeroes at Ark Music Factory is in fact a huge internet joke slash troll slash hoax slash prank all this while.

It just might be an experiment to see how viral they can get, or to prove a point about raving tweens going hoopla over pop music. Bring in some cute guy or girl and let them sing a love song about their teenage crush with some catchy tune, of course together with a nicely done music video, and mwalah, instant fame. So if this really was an experiment, it would definitely be a huge huge success and absolutely genius. Einstein would've been proud. Instead of 'E=mc2' it should be 'E=which seat should I take?'.

Mentioned in the video, the 'truth' will be revealed on a Friday, Friday, Friday, which would be today (Malaysia dah Sabtu dah, tapi kita ikut masa diorang lah ye). Soooooooo, I don't know about you, but I'm definitely excited to find out. We deserve the truth! Because of Rebecca Black, our Fridays will never been the same again.



Lu ada berani ka?

Hebat betul orang Malaysia ni, sanggup malukan diri sendiri sebab nak manjatuhkan orang lain. Sanggup dikata kena sontot, sanggup mengaku memiliki video porno dan buat tayangan pulak tu. Very the berani lah these people. Dan aku rasalah lelaki dalam video seks tu kan mesti pramugara yang terlampau tu dulu, perut dia buncit jugak kan? Huahuahua.



Hari tiga puluh tolak satu

Bulan lepas Ummi sambut ulangtahun hari paling bahagia Ummi, your birthday Luqman sayang, the day you came into this world, into my arms, into my life. Hari ni, Luqman teman Ummi pulak, di hari Ummi yang semakin tua ni. Hopefully we have many more years to spend together. Terima kasih Tuhan di atas hadiah paling istimewa ini. Syukur Alhamdulillah.



TERKINI: Demam Rosalinda (aikk dah takda?)

Okay. Kenapa video ni dah kena remove by user? Sikit punya lama video ni dah duk ada kat YouTube kenapa hari aku share kat sini video ni kena delete? Adakah ia satu kebetulan? Or is it because of the power of Budu dan Belacan? Jeng jeng jeng. Hoh! Kudos to cEro for pointing this out!

Thanks Naim. Masih ada, tapi sumber yang lain. Malas nak embed, aku kasik link ja bagi yang terlepas tengok tu. Let's Go Chopping by Rosalinda.

Marilah kita dengar dan lihat benda yang lebih sempoi dari Rebecca Black. Terima kasih Syibb (die hard fan of Rosalinda) for introducing me to this talented lass. I'm proud to be Malaysian. Maybe we should have Ark Music Factory sign her up! Ladee jentelmen. Ladee jentelmen!!


You have got to be kidding me.

So I was curious, seeing my twitter timeline, people mentioning Rebecca Black and making jokes out of this person and not wanting to feel left out I had to google her up. And found her music video on YouTube called "Friday".

I really didn't know what to expect. I watched it once, and was confused. Is this a parody? A joke? Knowing YouTube there's a bunch of videos like this. Thinking it was just a parody of tween pop music ya knaw. But I didn't really get why did it become so viral? As I'm writing this it has already 12,960,396 views and growing. That's like A LOT, and it was only uploaded February last month.

So I skimmed through the comments, and replayed the video over and over, only to realize this music video was for real, not a joke, not a parody, but an actual music video of a real song which is available on iTunes to purchase.

I just can't fathom and digest that this girl, this music, this video is actually fo realz. Seriously? Like seriously? I mean the video is nonsense, the lyrics is just, stupid, and her voice is crazy bad. I usually don't like to smack talk and bitch about music I don't like, I usually just don't listen to it, and move on since there's tons of other great musicians out there. But this is just ridiculous.

So, I just had to dig in some more, to see who in the right mind would release such a train wreck? And thanks to sir Google, found out that we have the Ark Music Factory to blame. And was disgusted to see there are more artists just as bad. They are all like those really bad audition clips we see in American Idol. They look decent though, but their music, is seriously unbelievably bad. If you think I'm being mean, you can check out this video of their launching, and you can judge for yourself.

Seriously, you have got to be kidding me. Somebody or everybody should sue the Ark Music Factory. Compared to this I'd rather listen to Justin Bieber over and over. It's really that bad.

Oh by the way, I just realized I'm writing this on a Friday. Ehem. *clears throat*. It’s Friday, Friday Gotta get down on Friday.. Decisions, decisions, I wonder which seat I'm gonna take today since it's a Friday, should I be kickin' in the front seat or be sittin' in the back seat? All I know is that I'm looking forward to the weekend to have some fun, fun, fun, fun. Thank you Rebecca Black, your song is definitely true to life.



Tersengih macam kerang busuk.

Salah satu gambaq Noryn Aziz yang Anna shoot di Expose Studio.

Recently I had a photo shoot with Noryn Aziz. Pertama kali tengok dia secara live tergamam sekejap, sebab dia sangatlah cantik, so natural, so beautiful. Then masa tengah shoot pon tergamam, tersenyum, tersengih tengok gambar kat dalam kamera, sebab macam wow, berseri-seri, I was extremely satisfied with the shoot. Then dah habis shoot pon masih tergamam, because dia manusia yang very the humble, down to earth, and jenis gila-gila juga, boleh buat lawak and gelak tak hengat, rasa macam dah berkawan lama. I've really fallen in love with her personality. Tak cukup dengan tu, she tagged me in a post quoting:

"There is no great genius without some touch of madness." - Seneca
Had a break during the shoot, so I adalah cerita sket my 'issues', about how I've had the feeling of giving up this whole artsy photography thing, dengan my unprofessional attitude with works for my clients, of not completing my studies yet, etc.. about my downtime sambil mengunyah McD's Double Cheeseburger. But thanks to Gjie Aziz & Fynaz that introduced my work to her. which was definitely a huge motivation, and inspiration which I've lost for quite sometime, to never give up this passion of mine. And reading that quote she posted, memang buat I tersengih macam kerang busuk.

Also would like to thank suamiku yang terchenta for always being there for me, sentiasa teman, sentiasa menjadi supirku, dan jugak Bibo Aswan sebab assist with the lighting tuk shoot. I ni bab studio lighting bengap sket. Kalau nak tengok lagi gambarnya, silalah follow page Anna di:

Nanti bila dah settle kerja client yang lain, Anna akan publish. Usually kat situlah Anna akan update kalau ada gambar baru, or apa-apa event yang Anna involve, dan sebagainya. Jadi kalau ada fb tu silalah add page tersebut. Sebab fb personal dah takleh accept request dah sebab dah terlebih had =\

Talking about events, recently I was invited by ABIM as the panelist untuk Seminar Mengenali Generasi 'Y' sebagai seorang 'blogger' di Fakulti Ekologi, UPM. Talk kali ni memang lain dari yang Anna dah biasa, it was very intellectual and eye opening. Ingat ke akan ada ramai students, tapi ada lecturers yang berpangkat Professor, Dr. dan ahli-ahli dari organisasi seperti ABIM. So masa awal tu memang agak nervous, rasa sungguh out of place. But in the end I really learned a lot. Thanks to Mali who recommended me to them. Hee.

And this weekend Anna akan ada workshop di UiTM, 2 hari, first day pasal photography, second day, editing. Wuhooo. Like always, I'm excited and nervous!

Dan, pasal sambung belajar, tak jadi UNiSEL. Ada kemungkinan yang Anna akan sambung di KLiUC, taking up BACHELOR OF COMMUNICATION (HONS) IN ADVERTISING. Tapi again, masih belum confirm, cuma yang confirm I will definitely sambung belajar, cuma di mana dan bila tu tak sure lagi. Tapi rasa macam kat KLiUC kot.

Meanwhile, this gives me time to settle all my unfinished business. Thanks to the shoot with Noryn Aziz, I'm all pumped up and back on my two feet!



You jaga tak solat?

First time Anna jumpa kaunselor masa dekat UIA, masa tu memang tengah stress dengan studies. Otak rasa block, tak boleh nak buat assignment, walaupun benda tu senang je. Benda pertama kaunselor tu tanya, "You jaga tak solat?".

Tergamam. Sememangnya jawapan aku, tidak. Tapi mulut aku kata, "Uh kekadang Subuh tu ada jugaklah termiss" walhal, lebih dari tu 'ter'miss. Terlah sangatkan.

Aku sampai ke sekarang, solat masih belum sempurna. Dan aku rasa itulah punca, apa sahaja aku buat, benda yang lain tak sempurna, separuh jalan tak menjadi. Aku cuba muhasabah diri, okay, pikir esok kalau mati macam mana? Kalau buat baik macam mana pon, kalau solat tak jaga, tak guna juga, sia-sia semuanya.

Banyak sangat benda yang melekakan kat dunia ni. Internet ni sendiri, berapa ramai yang melewatkan solat sibuk sibuk online? Bila pi shopping mall, gathering dengan kawan, pergi event itu ni, berapa ramai je yang singgah musolla untuk tunaikan solat? Itu belum masuk lagi bab khusyuk dalam solat, mata liar tengok corak di sejadah, kalau solat berjemaah tu, tengok telekung orang yang kat depan cantik je kerawang dia, mulut terkumat-kamit membaca, anggota badan bergerak mengikut rukun, tapi, otak kemana tah, duk pikir segala macam benda.

Terlalu ramai anak muda kita, termasuk aku ni yang tak berapa nak muda meringankan solat. Sedihkan. Walhal, solat tu ambil beberapa minit je. Itupun kalau boleh nak cepat-cepat, nak skip berdoa, nak skip berzikir. Haish.

Sampai bila nak jadi macamni? Selagi nyawa masih ada, selagi itulah peluang Allah berikan. Esok, lusa, sekejap lagi ke, kita tak taulah kalau masih ada kesempatan. Beribadatlah seolah-olah kita akan mati esok hari. Hidup ni sementara je, akhirat tu forever and ever and ever. Tak dan akhirat, tapi dalam kubur tu pon dah tersedia balasan yang setimpal dengan amalan kita. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide dude.

.... scary kan? Bagi yang lalai macam aku ni marilah kita sama-sama rajin beribadah, jaga solat segala. Bagi yang dah rajin tu, bagus Alhamdulillah, dan semoga melakukannya dengan Istiqamah. Biar konsisten, kita ni sekejap rajin, sekejap malas. Pon tidak bagus itu.

So, sini nak kongsi doa rajin solat, dipetik dari SINI:
Jika anda ingin jadi orang yang rajin mengerjakan Solat, amalkanlah doa ini.

Bacalah selalu Surah Ibrahim: Ayat 40

Maksudnya: "Wahai Tuhanku! Jadikanlah daku orang yang mendirikan sembahyang dan demikianlah juga zuriat keturunanku. Wahai Tuhan kami, perkenankanlah doa permohonanku."

Surah Ibrahim: Ayat 40-43

[40] Wahai Tuhanku! Jadikanlah daku orang yang mendirikan sembahyang dan demikianlah juga zuriat keturunanku. Wahai Tuhan kami, perkenankanlah doa permohonanku.

[41] Wahai Tuhan kami! Berilah ampun bagiku dan bagi kedua ibu bapaku serta bagi orang-orang yang beriman, pada masa berlakunya hitungan amal dan pembalasan.

[42] Dan janganlah engkau (wahai Muhammad) menyangka Allah lalai akan apa yang dilakukan oleh orang-orang yang zalim; sesungguhnya Dia hanya melambatkan balasan mereka hingga ke suatu hari yang padanya terbeliak kaku pemandangan mereka, (kerana gerun gementar melihat keadaan yang berlaku).

[43] (Dalam pada itu) mereka terburu-buru (menyahut panggilan ke padang Mahsyar) sambil mendongakkan kepala mereka dengan mata tidak berkelip dan hati mereka tidak bersemangat (kerana bingung dan cemas).
Salah satu dari 7 jenis wajah mayat dalam kubur adalah:
Mayat yang mukanya berbentuk babi. Itulah petanda semasa hidupnya tidak melakukan solat lima waktu, tidak menjaga solat lima waktu. Lalai dalam solatnya. Sesungguhnya solat dapat mencegah diri dari melakukan perbuatan keji dan mungkar. Perbuatan keji dan mungkar ini banyak, bukan hanya berduaan di tempat gelap, minum arak, berjudi sahaja. Tidak menutup aurat juga perbuatan keji. Bayangkanlah sejak dari baligh lagi kawan-kawan tak pernah tutup aurat, berapa banyak dosa yang telah dikumpulkan.
Huwaa takutt. Oleh itu, sebagai seorang pengguna internet dan blogger yang tegar, saya ingin menyeru pada semua dan pada diri sendiri supaya kita semua lebih tegar beribadah dan menunaikan solat juga sebelum masa dah time dan hanya tinggal comment di wall facebook kita yang mengucapkan takziah dan menyedekahkan Al-Fatihah buat diri kita yang sudah tidak ada lagi di dunia.



Saya nak ke New York! Undilah saya!

Dah lama gila tak buat kerja macam ni. Buat makeover, lepas tu masuk contest pulak tu, lepas tu, buat slogan pulak tu. Makeover kali ni best sebab dia buat shoot gambar sebelung dan selepas. Yang aku suka, gambar sebelum tu takdalah nampak horror sangat, kalau dalam iklan-iklan sebelum selepas tu, muka sebelum mesti macam muka muram dan sedih. Lighting pon ntah apa-apa, but this one, dua-dua pon dia set up elok-elok. Aku je senyum nampak gigi arnab dua batang.

Slogan yang aku siapkan adalah... "Pretty Powerful is... learning to LOVE yourself inside out!". Hehe. Rasanya ni kalu pertama dalam seumur hidup buat slogan. Selalu malas nak masuk contest sebab kena buat slogan. Asal ada contest nampak best, kena buat slogan , memang terus potong stim. Heeh, tapi kali ni semangat nak ke New York, atau dapat Apple iPad ahh sanggup! Tapi mesti dapat iPad yang first kan. Kalau boleh nak dapat iPad 2. Hahaha. Amboi boleh pulak nak demand kan. Hello perempuan, menang pon belum tentu.

Tapi, kalau korang tolong vote dengan menekan 'like' kat SINI mana tau boleh menang ke. Ha, nanti boleh blog dan share gambar dari New York. Huh, berangan sudah. Sudahlah Anna Joe, dahla 'photograher' yang ditulis kat page tu. Photograher pon photograher la. I tak demand banyak, I just nak trip ke NY atau iPad je.

Hmm. Anyway, sorry dah lama betul tak update. Tengah nak uruskan perihal hidup dan siapkan kerja client yang dah tertunggak bagai nak rak ni. Tak lama lagi, insya'Allah nak sambung studies kan. Hee, tak sabarnya nak jadi student kembali. Mesti hari pertama rasa macam nervous, then dua tiga hari sebelum first class mesti sibuk duk pilih baju apa nak pakai. Ahahaha. Beli baju barulah, kasik motivasi dan semangat sket. Kalau menang iPad tu pon cara gak kan bawak ke klas. Takyah bawak kertas, guna iPad je, lepas tu sibuk main Angry Birds tak pon Fruit Slice. Ahh terbaiklah perancanganku ini. Hehe.

p/s: Thanks pada sesiapa yang vote :)



This is so tiring.

I don't know what it is. Sekejap rasa okay, sekejap rasa down. Biasalah tu kan? But seriously I'm sick of it, and tired of it. It's the same old thing over and over repeating it self. I'm beginning to think that no matter how many chances I am given or I give myself, I am unable to change, I am unable to improve myself. Bertakung je longkang, nyamuk pon membiak, and it's sucking all my blood out dry, and I'm dehydrated and tired and I'm feeling sick inside.

One would think, being an 'adult' you'd outgrow this kind of feeling and emotion, something what teenagers would feel, all the hormones raging, and just starting to have a taste of life. I really don't know what it is, what's wrong with me. I can't even do the simplest of tasks. As easy as answering the phone, replying an sms, paying the bills, pon tak boleh. I'm so stressed out. Trying my best to complete my client's photos. But the more I want to do it, and get it done, the more it stresses me out, padehal benda yang sangatlah simple.

I really don't understand what's wrong with me. I have sought professional help once, but that was to get a leave from studies because I was really stressed at that time. Perhaps I have to again, or maybe to the extent pergi berubat. Hmm. This is really affecting my life. I want to be a good wife, a good mother, a good somebody. I keep on saying I want to change, I try, but I have trouble being consistent, when I'm on the right track, sekejap je tergelincir balik, back to my same old bad attitude. This is so tiring.

I just don't know what to do with myself anymore.

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