CLEARANCE SALE at Itudio Studio 13/02/2011

PERHATIAN: Barang furniture semua dah terjual, hanya tinggal barang-barang kecil seperti baju, cd, buku, lip gloss/balm etc..

Since Itudio Studio is closing, we're clearing out the studio and selling some stuff. I know this is short notice, but we've been terribly busy. It's tomorrow, Sunday, 13 February 2011 from 10AM to midnight. We will be selling various items. I've included some of the photos below with the price. Some of the items not included (because I forgot to take photos!) would be a Samsung refrigerator, light fixtures, bookshelves, one of em from IKEA and also a study/work/office table.

Itudio Studio is located at 31D-2 Kelana Mall, Jln SS 6/12, 47301, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Click here for the location map. Nearby landmarks would be Giant Hypermarket next to LDP and Tabung Haji. If you've any trouble finding your way, you can contact us at 0102204406 or 0102205434.

Various t-shirts from RM20 - RM35!

Hope to see you there! You can drop by if you want to meet up and chit chat. I'll be there all day long!



Budak-budak, silalah rajin belajar okay?

Now that I will be 30 next year, and going through experiences in life as a young adult, as a teenager you start thinking of the things you've done, have not done, achieved and of course failed.

Aku seorang rebel, aku melawan kehendak parents yang nak aku habiskan belajar. Aku degil, angkuh dan bajet matang, thought that I would know whats best for myself. I am here to tell you to LISTEN TO YOUR PARENTS.

Please do, kalau korang tanak terkontang-kanting later in your life, please do. Aku sebenarnya takdalah regret sangat mana pon the choices I made in life. Because at least I am satisfied, that I have done that. Ada yang berjaya ada yang gagal.

Thing is, if I were to have listened to my parents, aku rasa aku tidak akan struggle macam sekarang. Jalan lurus je. Ni sebab ikut hati dan perasaan, aku redah je masuk, jalan simpang siur. Sekarang tak pasal-pasal kena u turn balik.

Aku baru sahaja ambil keputusan yang berat untuk melepaskan studio. Secara teknikalnya, what went wrong, aku tak ada business plan, dan aku bukak as a sole proprieter. So apa yang jadi aku sendiri kena tanggung. And being an over excited person, inexperienced, it was a total downfall business wise. Terlalu rakus nak bukak studio sendiri, in other words, agak syok sendirilah. Rancangannya, nak buat workshops which would cover the cost of the studio. Tapi ntah macam mana, tak jadi mengikut yang dirancang.

I actually had a plan, but it had a flaw, the flaw was me. To have a business, to own a business, to run a business you have to be well organized, disciplined, and money smart. Ketiga-tiga itu aku memang tak ada. All I had was (some) talent and passion.

But to do things based on talent and passion alone is not enough to make one successful. A person can be extremely untalented, but with hard work, Insya-Allah you will be successful.

Cara yang selamat untuk secure your future, adalah EDUCATION. Please if you can study to the highest level, please do. Lepas tu korang nak buat apa, nak jadi dreba bas ke teksi ke, nak duk rumah jadi blogger sepenuh masa dapat income dari nuffnang ke, atau nak buat blog shop jual tudung je ke pon boleh.

My advice is... Dah habis SPM, then buat Diploma, sila sambung ke Degree terus, jangan berhenti nak break kejap untuk kerja, sebab bila dah sedap kerja dan dapat duit, mesti macam liat nak sambung belajar balik. Lepas tu dah habis Degree, sambung je Masters TERUS, setahun dua je. Then settle. PhD tu, boleh buat kemudian sket. Tapi kalau rajin gila, hah sambungla terus. Kalau tak, leh kerja dulu, kahwin, dapat anak, then bila buat PhD tu boleh bawak keluarga korang tu, anak semua angkut sekali ke sana. Dapatlah diorang merasa duk luar negara. It's a good exposure for your kids.

You know what, when they say, segulung ijazah doesn't mean your stupid, or it's not important and whatnot is complete BULLSHIT. If you are smart enough, you should know that education brings you to places. You will feel different about yourself. Take it from me, not having completed my studies, despite my talents and skills, I just don't feel complete, I feel that I am at a disadvantage.

Banyak benda yang aku nak buat tapi tak boleh sebab tak habis studies. For instance, if I wanted to be a lecturer, or maybe a part time lecturer, or a tutor. If I want to have an institute or center to teach arts, photography, or maybe even the English Language, I would need a proper qualification to, especially if I needed funds. And even bagi talk pon, the higher your qualification, the higher you get paid.

Memanglah boleh tutor or buat workshop secara koboi. But with qualification, I can take it to a whole new level. The possibilities are endless. And of course we shouldn't care what people think, but in the real world, what people think is important, nobody will question your skills or qualifications, and you will gain respect.

But most importantly, you will not question yourself. Diri sendiri akan rasa lebih konfiden. You may see me as being confident, but truth of the matter is that, I always question myself, my own capabilities, rasa diri tak cukup bagus. And perhaps with a roll of paper at least, when I question myself, I have a proof that I can hold in my hands and I can convince myself and others, I am good dan bukan takat syok sendiri je.

Jadi, aku nak sambung dan perabihkan belajar. Kalau ada rezeki dan keupayaan sambung Masters. I would like that very much please. As for the studio, will I open it up again? Maybe, maybe not. Let me settle my studies first. Yang lain tu cerita untuk kemudian hari.

p/s: Thanks SM for your message. Coming from you who I look up to, really inspires me. Glad to have a friend like you although we've never met personally.

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